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Sled Bitch” was the brain child of two friends, Linda & Liz who bought snowmobiles, loved to ride, and often joked around with each other about the “B” word! Pretty soon they personalized their own clothing “with” Sled Bitch and everyone started asking them, “where do I get one of those shirts?” So they decided to start a company, “Sled Bitch” and a web site, SLEDBITCH.COM which offers “Sled Bitch” logo clothing “for the girl who likes to ride.” Our very first exposure was at the 41st Annual “Hay Days” in September 2007. Wow!

Everyone loved our “Sled Bitch” clothing and they were buying it for themselves, their snowmobiling friends, their sisters & even for their wives. It was a hit!

What is a “Sled Bitch?” She is a confident woman who takes charge of herself and her recreational time to do what she wants when she wants. A “Sled Bitch” loves a good time with her friends and is usually the LIFE of the party! With her confident attitude you can always count on a “Sled Bitch” to tell you like it is and not hold back. You can find her riding around on the lakes & trails, shooting pool or just about any place you can imagine. What else can we tell you about a “Sled Bitch” woman? They’re single, they’re married, they’re young and they’re older. Being a “Sled Bitch” is a State of mind and attitude.

Sled Bitch” may not be for everyone. But it is a FUN way to express yourself out on the trails or just around town!

In June of 2009 we created a "Sled Diva" line of apparel for ALL ages with our same tag line "for the girl who likes to ride"!  

You can E-mail us @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Our Mailing Address is :  5644 - 38th Ave South Minneapolis, MN 55417

Phone Number 612-597-3962

Thank you for checking out our web site and let us know how we can keep you styling and warm in the winter months and cool and sexy in the warmer months!

Liz Marttila, Owner


Created in Ely, MN where everything is WILD!